unnaḷa: frivolous


Unnaḷa: frivolous

Many meanings have been ascribed to unnaḷa, but illustrations below show that Norman’s ‘frivolous’ works well.

Collins Compact Dictionary: frivolous

1) not serious or sensible in content, attitude or behaviour.

2) unworthy of serious or sensible treatment

Webster’s Dictionary: frivolous

1) of little weight or importance

2a) lacking in seriousness; irresponsibly self-indulgent

2b) marked by unbecoming levity


Illustration: unnaḷā, frivolous

Bhikkhus, those bhikkhus who are deceitful, puffed up, talkative, haughty, frivolous, inwardly uncollected, are not my bhikkhus.
Ye te bhikkhave bhikkhū kuhā thaddhā lapā siṅgī unnaḷā asamāhitā na me te bhikkhave bhikkhū māmakā (A.2.26; It.113).

Illustration: unnaḷassa, frivolous

The virtue, inward collectedness, and penetrative discernment of a bhikkhu who is frivolous, negligently applied (to the practice), and with hopes directed to external things, do not reach fulfilment.
Unnaḷassa pamattassa bāhirāsassa bhikkhuno
Sīlaṃ samādhi paññā ca pāripūriṃ na gacchati

Illustration: unnaḷānaṃ, frivolous

What should be done is shunned. What should be avoided is done. Of those who are frivolous and negligently applied (to the practice) their perceptually obscuring states increase.
Yaṃ hi kiccaṃ tadapaviddhaṃ akiccaṃ pana kayirati
Unnaḷānaṃ pamattānaṃ tesaṃ vaḍḍhanti āsavā
(Th.v.635; Dh.v.292).

Illustration: unnaḷā, frivolous

Being frivolous, thin-skinned fools, unestablished in virtue, they will wander about like combative deer.
Ujjhānasaññino bālā sīlesu asamāhitā
Unnaḷā vicarissanti kalahābhiratā magā

Illustration: unnaḷo, frivolous

A vain, frivolous fool in whom no virtue is found deserves the white robe. What will he do with an ochre robe?
Uddhato unnaḷo bālo sīlaṃ yassa na vijjati
Odātakaṃ arahati kāsāvaṃ kiṃ karissati