āvila: full of impurity

āvila: muddied

anāvila: free of spiritual impurity

anāvila: free of impurity

anāvila: undefiled

anāvila: unmuddied

anāvila: unturbid

anāvila: unblemished


Illustration: āvila, full of impurity; anāvilaṃ, free of spiritual impurity

Why do you, whose mind is full of impurity, full of defilements, stand obstructing me, who am free of spiritual impurity, spiritually unblemished, with a mind that is completely liberated (from perceptually obscuring states)?
Āvilacitto anāvilaṃ sarajo vītarajaṃ anaṅgaṇaṃ
Sabbattha vimuttamānasaṃ kiṃ maṃ ovariyāna tiṭṭhasi

Illustration: anāvila, free of impurity

Frequently reflecting on the purity of my mind which is free of defilements and impurity, I will abide free of perceptually obscuring states.
Vippamuttaṃ kilesehi suddhacittaṃ anāvilaṃ
Abhiṇhaṃ paccavekkhanto viharissaṃ anāsavo

Illustration: anāvilo, free of impurity

A bhikkhu should not be greedy for sensuous pleasures. His mind should be free of impurity.
Kāmesu nābhigijjheyya manasānāvilo siyā (Sn.v.1039).

Illustration: anāvilaṃ, free of impurity

One whose aggressiveness has vanished, whose mind is free of impurity
Sārambhā yassa vigatā cittaṃ yassa anāvilaṃ (Sn.v.483).

Illustration: anāvilaṃ, free of impurity

(One whose mind is) as stainless as the moon, purified, serene, and free of impurity.
Candaṃ va vimalaṃ suddhaṃ vippasannamanāvilaṃ (Sn.v.637).

Illustration: āvilattaṃ, state of impurity

When he is conscious of a state of mental impurity he should dispel it with the thought: “It is part of inward darkness.
Yadāvilattaṃ manaso vijaññā kaṇhassa pakkho ti vinodayeyya (Sn.v.967).

Illustration: anāvila, undefiled

How is a bhikkhu of undefiled thought? In this regard a bhikkhu has abandoned sensuous thought, unbenevolent thought, malicious thought.
Kathañcāvuso bhikkhu anāvilasaṅkappo hoti. Idhāvuso bhikkhuno kāmasaṅkappo pahīno hoti vyāpādasaṅkappo pahīno hoti vihiṃsāsaṅkappo pahīno hoti (D.3.270).

Illustration: anāvilo, unmuddied

The practice is a lake with fords of virtue, unmuddied, praised by good people to good people, where those who are blessed with profound knowledge go to bathe, and, dry-limbed, cross to the Far Shore.
Dhammo rahadobrāhmaṇa sīlatittho anāvilo sabbhi sataṃ pasattho
Yattha have vedaguno sinātā anallagattā5va taranti pāraṃ

Illustration: anāvilāni, muddied

He drank muddied water
Āvilāni ca pānīyāni pivati (Ud.41).

Illustration: , unturbid

Just as in a mountain valley there were a lake of water, crystal clear, limpid, unturbid, and a man standing on the bank with eyes to see should perceive the oysters and shells, the gravel and pebbles, and shoals of fish as they move about or lie within it.
Seyyathā pi mahārāja pabbatasaṅkhepe udakarahado accho vippasanno anāvilo. Tattha cakkhumā puriso tīre ṭhito passeyya sippisambūkampi sakkharakaṭhalampi macchagumbampi carantampi tiṭṭhantamp (D.1.84).

Illustration: , unblemished

A gem, a beryl, exquisite, of genuine quality, a well-cut octahedron, translucent, limpid, unblemished, excellent in every respect,
maṇi veḷuriyo subho jātimā aṭṭhaṃso suparikammakato accho vippasanno anāvilo sabbākārasampanno (D.1.76).